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Business Tax Planning

Tax Planning for Savannah Businesses of All Shapes & Sizes

business team at work in officeRegardless if you are a new or seasoned business owner, your time is precious. Spending countless hours trying to organize, understand, and manage your tax obligations can be tedious and overwhelming at best. Rather than struggle to oversee complicated business taxes yourself, why not turn to our tax planning experts at Sadowski & Company instead?

Our Savannah CPAs provide strategic solutions to businesses of various shapes, sizes, and industries. Our tax planning services are tailored to fit your ventures' specific needs, from startups and family-owned small businesses to million-dollar companies. We have many years of experience, which we apply to minimize liabilities, improve profit, and help your business grow.

No matter your market, industry, or the number of employees, Sadowski & Company is here to help and support you well beyond tax time. Our team provides tax planning year-round and accurate and efficient filing. We can also help you resolve unique challenges when it comes to business taxation. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation for professional tax planning from our Savannah firm.

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Tax Planning for Various Business Entities

Your business structure is vital, as it dictates who is in charge, profit distribution, and much more. Choosing a business type can also mean financial ramifications that result from how your venture is taxed. There are different tax obligations for each entity.

Limited liability companies (LLCs) are treated as a corporation or a partnership, depending on its characteristics. LLCs are typically taxed separately from their owners. LLCs are a separate legal entity for tax-related purposes.

Partnerships are similar to sole proprietorships and recognized as pass-through entities. This means that the company and its owners are the same tax entity, according to the IRS. Income tax is only collected once, and each partner is equally responsible for all profits and expenses. They must pay income tax on that money when filing their personal tax returns.

Other IRS-recognized business structures include:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • C Corporations or (C-Corps)
  • S Corporations or (S-Corps)
  • B Corporations

Our team can evaluate your current entity and determine if it is right for your business. We take all your specific needs and goals into consideration. Working with our CPAs means we will help you legally lower your tax liabilities and take advantage of obligations based on your entity type.

Strategic Tax Planning & Accounting for Your Savannah Business

business people forming a circleEvery business is unique, and so is your tax planning strategy. At Sadowski & Company, our CPAs provide strategic tax planning throughout the year, including right before preparation. We can identify any inefficiencies and create a plan designed to help you take advantage of available resources, starting with your first consultation.

As your trusted tax planners, we help you understand sound tax strategies and how they can benefit your business. We make sure to show you how your ongoing tax plan can impact and improve cashflow. Our team identifies existing liabilities and credits that yield the best results. We can review your current tax plan and update it to reflect your immediate and long-term business goals.

Understanding Goals & Making Better Business Decisions

business woman standing proudly in officeOur team understands business. We also know that learning about tax obligations is not why you started a business. At Sadowski & Company, we believe that taxes should benefit your decision-making process.

Our CPAs do more than provide professional tax planning. We review all accounting processes, past tax returns, and how you are currently handling your day to day operations.

This big-picture perspective lets us identify solutions that can help you better understand your company's' financial health. We stand by the quality of work we provide and help you make better decisions regarding future profitability and growth.

Customized Services for All Business Entities

At Sadowski & Company, we provide sound planning unique to different industries and entity types. Our CPAs excel in assisting a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Startups
  • Family-owned small businesses
  • Medium to large enterprises
  • Million-dollar companies
  • Nonprofits

Additionally, we help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and seasoned tycoons manage all aspects of their growing company. This includes performing audits and reviews and providing accounting, part-time CFO, and business consulting services.

Plan & Protect Your Business All-Year-Round!

At Sadowski & Company, we have been helping Savannah businesses of all types with professional tax planning for many years. Our friendly and experienced CPAs are committed to helping lower your tax liability while seeking new opportunities for profitability and growth. Contact our firm to schedule your consultation today!

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